5 Familiar People You See in Restaurants

5 Familiar People You See in Restaurants

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Occasionally, people love to dine in a fancy Italian restaurant in Brisbane. This can often be considered a reward for their hard work or simply a way to relieve stress after a busy week. Whatever the reason, you will surely come across a variety of people and personalities in posh eateries. Whilst some of these diners can be entertaining and endearing, there are those are quite annoying.

Below are some examples you can encounter when eating out:

  • The Couple

Couples are staples in every restaurant. In fact, waiters may have a difficult time getting their orders, especially when these two people can hardly take their eyes off each other. Since they might not want to have distance between them, they may request to sit in front of each other or beside one another, much to the chagrin of other customers. If you are lucky, you might just get a glimpse of the couple alternatively feeding one another. Yikes!

  • The Businessman

Another type of diner you’re bound to see in restaurants is the businessman. Whether they come alone or eat with a team, you will most likely see them working on their laptop whilst having a meal. Most of them even see lunches and dinners at private functions where they can talk to clients. Whilst these individuals are generally fast eaters, they tend to stay longer since they are keen on finishing their meeting.

  • The Instagram-Obsessed

In a digital world, tech-savvy individuals simply don’t want to miss any news, especially the hottest happenings. This includes the best dining spot in town.

To find these Instagram-obsessed people, look at what they do once the food arrives at their table. Chances are, they’ll whip out their mobile phones and cameras and start clicking away. At times, you can even observe their food getting cold since they take the time to choose filters and settings that can enhance the appearance of their photos.

  • The Health Conscious

Health-conscious eaters are great dining companions. Aside from urging you to eat what’s good for you, simply seeing their light yet filling fare is enough to get you started on your wellness program. You can be sure to find salads and even servings of open-faced sandwiches to help cut down on their calories.

Bear in mind that since they are cutting back on fat and other unhealthy food choices, they may tend to ask your servers millions of questions. They may even request to have all the components separated.

  • The Family

Dining in restaurants can bring friends and families together. Often, these special occasions also serve as a bonding moment for family members. However, there are some families who simply cannot handle their children. Some of these kids might cause a scene and scream their lungs out or can be throwing food at each other.

On the upside, there are some children who are blessed to have impeccable manners. Simply interacting with them or just seeing them from afar can be a delight.

Watch out for these types of people when you dine in any restaurant. Who knows, you can even learn a thing or two from them.

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