What’s the Best Type of Cheese on Pizza?

What’s the Best Type of Cheese on Pizza?

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If you love pizza, you must also love cheese, one of the main ingredients. While mozzarella is a common ingredient on all types of pizza, several kinds of cheese also make great toppings. They may be used alone or in combination with other cheeses and sauces to make specialty pizzas, or blended with mozzarella to bring out the flavor of different meats and vegetables. You have probably eaten different cheeses on your pizzas without realizing it when you order the best glutenfree pizza delivery. Here’s a closer look at the cheeses that make great pizza toppings.


Originating in southern Italy, the traditional process of making this cheese incorporates buffalo milk. It has a light and creamy taste that complements other ingredients, making mozzarella the go-to topping for many pizza styles, including these:

  • Pepperoni, sausage and meats
  • Cheese and cheese blends
  • Garlic and barbecue chicken
  • Hawaiian and other specialties

Along with its mild flavor, part-skim mozzarella is a standard topping at pizzerias everywhere because it melts evenly and browns nicely for a pleasing appearance. It also stretches without breaking, helping to contain all those yummy ingredients.


This semi-hard cheese is aged to provide a sweet and mild flavor that’s just a bit sharper than mozzarella. It also has a creamy texture and melts well, and is often used in combination with mozzarella. Provolone appears in specialty pizzas, especially those made Philly-style, with thin slices of beef, onions and peppers. Look for “pizza specials in my area” on your smartphone or laptop when you’re hungering for a Philly cheesesteak or another specialty pizza.

Parmesan, Romano and Asiago

Three similar kinds of cheese also used as pizza toppings are Parmesan, Romano and Asiago. They are all aged to bring out a delicious nutty flavor in varying degrees. Here are some of their subtle differences:

  • Parmesan: Dry and salty, with a delicate nuttiness
  • Romano: Sharp and salty, its nutty flavor is more robust
  • Asiago: Intense nut flavor, also very sweet-tasting

You can often find these three kinds of cheese used in combination on specialty pizzas, as well as cheese pizzas featuring four-cheese and six-cheese blends. They add a great nuance to any dish.


Fontina is another cheese with a nutty taste, but it is also rich and buttery. This cheese is softer and features a creamy texture that makes it an excellent choice for blending and melting on top of your pizza. In fact, its melting qualities make it a terrific choice for use in grilled sandwiches, sauces and omelets too.


Gouda cheese is often on specialty pizzas, perhaps due to its different flavors. Depending on whether it’s smoked or aged, you can note nutty or fruity tastes that are best with barbecue chicken or garlic chicken pizzas.

Learn More About Cheeses

Pizza restaurants provide information about cheeses on their websites, where you can also learn about the ingredients used to make other toppings. It’s an excellent aid for anyone who wants to avoid certain foods. Use apizza tracker to determine exactly where your order is because sometimes, it’s hard to wait for that first bite. Experiment with cheeses by trying specialty recipes, or select your favorites when you order.

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