Why Is Chinese Food So Popular In North America?

Why Is Chinese Food So Popular In North America?

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Chinese food or Chinese restaurant is the first type of ethnic cuisine to have been commercialized in North America as a type of food prepared and taken outside homes. It was supported by huge immigration of people of Chinese origin to the continent. It was towards the end of the 19th century that the cuisine began to draw attention at massive levels from non-Chinese people. And by 1980, it became the most popular ethnic cuisine on the continent.

More Chinese Restaurants than Pizza-Serving Chains

It is interesting to point out that pizza is perhaps the most consumed commercialized food. However, there are still more Chinese restaurants or restaurants also serving Chinese foods on the continent than all the pizza selling retail chains combined. It is not just the specialized Chinese food joints, but other places also serve the cuisine due to its popularity.

So what is it that makes Chinese cuisine so popular?

Impossible to Ignore the Taste

There is no need for a lot of words to explain how great Chinese food tastes. This is the single biggest reason why people could never ignore it once it made it to the North American shores.

It is among those foods that can both satisfy your taste buds and hunger. There are options for everyone, no matter whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Its relative simple preparation also meant that people could make it at home within minutes or at restaurants and generate good business out of it.

Chinese Food is Affordable

After taste and simplicity, low cost is the next reason why Chinese food or Chinese restaurant is so popular. It costs lesser than other popular cuisines. In fact, it can cost even lesser than an average meal.

Chinese restaurants serve inexpensive dishes, mostly around rice and noodles, including chop suey, chow mein, and friend rice. When someone can purchase several bowls of noodles for the price of a pizza, it makes a lot more sense to buy something that affordable. Its low cost never means that there is any compromise on quality in any way.

Chinese Cuisine has History

When someone enjoys their favorite Chinese food, it pays to realize that they are consuming food that has thousands of years of research behind it. In fact, it has also received inputs from other cuisines from around the world, in terms of ingredients and flavors. There is almost no other cuisine that has a history that goes as far back.

Chinese restaurants were also the first in North America to deliver food to the consumers. So the next time you place an order for home delivery, you should remember who started it all. And this is another reason why this great-tasting cuisine became even more popular.

It is interesting that even in this era of food chains, Chinese restaurants are mostly independent – either small businesses or family owned. There are even more reasons why Chinese cuisine continues to grow in its popularity without even the need for building major retail brands.

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